Conference interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

At conferences such as international congresses, summits, meetings, corporate events, international works council meetings and other large-scale events, the mode of simultaneous interpretation has proven to be the most efficient.
The interpreters receive the original sound in the best quality in the soundproof simultaneous booth and then transmit the respective contribution in real time into another language, which the recipient receives via headphones.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the oldest mode of interpreting - interpreting is said to be the second oldest profession, because interpreting probably started soon after the language was created, about 100,000 years ago. At that time, probably only very short passages, if not single sentences were interpreted. Today, sections of about 10 minutes are always interpreted after the original performance, i.e. consecutively - from the Latin consecuus: following.
In order to be able to convey the content correctly and completely, the interpreter uses a very special note-taking technique.
Consecutive interpreting is mainly used for official occasions and speeches.

Whispered interpreting ("Chuchotage")

A variant of simultaneous interpreting is whispered interpreting, which is mainly used when the audience is moving around, such as during practical training sessions on equipment, company tours or other non-fixed events. In these cases, a tour guide system is usually used. The interpreter speaks into a microphone and the listeners receive the interpretation via radio through headphones.
One or two listeners can hear the interpreter whispering directly in their own language, even without technology.

Our languages and areas of expertise


German (A), Spanish (B), English (C), French (C)*

Areas of expertise

Engineering, economics, quality management, law, sports, 
music, religion, education, science

* (A) mother tongue, (B) active foreign language, (C) passive foreign language

Simultaneous interpreting in the interpreting booth. The interpreter sits in the interpreting booth, which is located above the meeting room and looks into the room. She is wearing a headset and has a laptop in front of her.
Simultaneous interpreting in the booth. The interpreter sits in the interpreting booth, faces forward and wears a headset.