Bilateral interpreting

Liaison interpreting

A mixed form in which both whispered and consecutive interpreting are used: when two or more negotiating partners are sitting at the table, the interpreter simultaneously whispers what the others are saying to the negotiating partner assigned to him or her. If the other person speaks, the interpreter takes notes, as in consecutive interpreting, and then translates what he or she has said aloud into another language for the others.

Language support

There are situations in which the foreign interlocutors have a reasonable command of the language, but not enough, for example, to be able to fully follow the content of a training session. In such cases, it is useful to have one person, or in the case of longer events two persons, to whom questions can be asked in the participant's own language.

Our languages and areas of expertise


German (A), Spanish (B), English (C), French (C)*

Areas of expertise

Engineering, economics, quality management, law, sports, 
music, religion, education, science

* (A) mother tongue, (B) active foreign language, (C) passive foreign language