Everything about language services - professionally organized with Delfinterpret!

Language is the key to the world
Wilhelm von Humboldt

For a better and barrier-free communication in this world, we offer...

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Multilingual communication for your event

Spanish, English, French

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Speech-to-text interpreting

Live texts - not only for the d/Deaf and hard of hearing

Speech-to-text interpreting - find out more

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Plain language / E2U (Easy to understand)

You want to make your event really barrier-free?

Contact us!

We will support you in doing so.
Your presentations simultaneously in plain language - a way to more accessibility.

We translate your texts into plain language.
So, everyone can understand them.

Plain language is important - find out more

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Project management

Conference interpreting, speech-to-text interpreting, liaison interpreting, community interpreting, language support - the various forms of language services in varying settings place different demands on interpreters, organizers and clients.

What offers Delfinterpret that others don't?

Efficient project management using the appropriate language service providers with the required experience is a basic requirement for successful communication.

We will take care of the entire organization for you - from the selection of interpreters to the technical setup - taking into account the specific requirements of your event.